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Someone has rightly said, “Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Whether rich or poor, young or old, achievers or still striving to carve a niche….we all take from the society. Being so privileged and blessed in our lives, having accomplished and achieved so much, it is time we cultivated the habit of giving back a little of what we have received. As an act of gratitude and a sign of our appreciation, we certainly need to give back to the community that is responsible for our very existence.


Philosophers believe that the happiest people are not those getting more; but those giving more! Helping others alleviates our own pains and grievances as we tend to look at the larger picture. Rendering service to others alters our perspective towards life. Problems that we define as insurmountable suddenly seem miniscule when compared to the miseries of many in this world.


It is about time to view life in a totally new light. Break the barriers of your comfort zone and reach out to others in times of their need. Being the reason for someone's smile or thankfulness is one of the greatest highs in life.


Join hands with Skills for Life Foundation to experience the power of giving back. There can be no better emotion than the one that says that I can make a difference in someone's life. At Skills for Life foundation, we have created a platform called Social Commitment Program that invites you to work in collaboration with like minded people in terms of making a difference in the world.


The foundation is currently involved in diverse social programmes. Be it offering emotional support and sharing concerns of elders residing in Old Age Homes or rendering physical and financial assistance to the differently able children; SFLF makes an endeavour to touch the lives of all those who have the courage to survive in trying circumstances. More often than not….they ask for not your materialistic treasures….they seek only your touch and time to give them the motivation to conquer life!


Skills for Life Foundation salutes to these brave hearts and seeks the company of those sharing the same passion. Together let us renew the face of humanity!


'Lead Young'


Lead Young was an initiative undertaken by Skills for Life foundation to survey the need of Leadership and life skills education and its status in schools. Under this project 2500 educators, students, Parents, employers were surveyed to understand how missing Life skills education in most prevalent schools is impacting student's emotional health and competency to lead life. The survey was then compiled and shared with Policy Makers like Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Manish Sisodia. The presentation was led by a team of students who had undergone Leadership and Life skills education with Skills for Life Foundation in the past years.

'Cancer Awareness Project'

SFLF initiated Cancer Awareness Project to create awareness among the most vulnerable part of our society -Our “YOUTH”.The project began with children, volunteers, associates taking the initiative of writing “SECRET SANTA” letters to these struggling Cancer patients motivating and inspiring them to look forward to a happy life.
The students and volunteers along with SFLF team went ahead to take Cancer Awareness initiative by conducting talks in eminent schools and engaging important stakeholders in the project like Principal, Educators, Students, Parents and organizations heads. The team overall surveyed 1700 individuals with a purpose of creating awareness among Youth and empower them with easy ways to fight the disease. 
Further empowering the project, Skills For Life Foundation collaborated with “You We Can” Foundation, an initiative by the world’s famous cricketer ”YUVRAJ SINGH” and interacted with Ms. Shabhnam Singh(Mother of Cricketer “Yuvraj Singh”) and Mr. Raj Bakshi the CEO of You We Can along with a series of interaction with the General Manager of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Institute (RGCRI), Ms. Shikha Rudraraju and a conference was attended by the SFLF team to understand the nuances of the disease and the role Youth could play to spread awareness.
Propagating the same project “SFLF” participated on World Cancer Day at the Global Conference on Cancer Awareness at INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE (IIC) where, young people were made to share stage with eminent Oncologist, Directors, CEO’s of reputed organizations.

'Mission Gratitude'

Mission Gratitude was a community project initiated by Zenith students to bridge the distance between the outlook of the civil society towards the defense society and extend honor to the Defense society for the innumerable contributions and sacrifices that they make to keep our nation safe. In this project SFLF facilitated more than 50 Interviews with senior officials of Army, Air Force and Navy for the project Mission Gratitude. The project was launched by Brig. SK Murari & Col. Ranganath Rai. Mission Gratitude ultimate focus was to learn from their real life stories and letting the world know about them.

'Civic and Life skills program- PRAYAS Society'

Skills for Life foundation initiated Civic and Life skills curriculum for 100 children at Prayas with support of philanthropists. This project aimed inculcate Civic and Life Management Skills in underprivileged children to contribute in building a strong Nation. 
Weekly sessions are held with these Children by Master Trainer headed by our Chief Program Leader- Ms. Gurleen Kaur and her support Team of Trainers, the program concluded with a grand Graduation ceremony at India International Center on 27th May' 2017 in the presence of eminent guests like Addl Director- Sports Authority of India, Mr Varghese, Director- Prayas, Mr Amod Kanth, Dr Rita Duggal among others. These children prove yet again that the Real education for our Youth is not what our Schools and colleges are teaching but the missing Life education that makes them society contributors and gives them acceptance and real standing in the society

'Civic and life Skill Program-Salaam Baalak Trust'


'The only difference between achievement and dreams is opportunity'


Skills for Life foundation in collaboration with Kiran Kailash Nanda initiative for Civic and Life skills initiated a 6 Months Training program with Salaam Baalak Trust children. This project was quite a challenging task to deliver civic skills to children who came from street, who were orphans, without families, scrap sellers even those who had undergone drug rehabilitation with SBT among others.

This social project involved continuous effort to aimed to inculcate the necessary Civic and Life skills in these children, empower them for a better tomorrow, give them hope,inspiration and intent that they too can aim high and improve their lives, identify a Goal and create action plans to achieve those Goals. and contribute to the building of a strong society and a strong Nation.  

The project successfully concluded on Aug 23' 2018 with an elaborate Graduation ceremony in the presence of eminent guests. Noticeable changes were noticed and appreciated in the students, extraordinary Self-confidence and Leadership was displayed through various voluntary initiative and action taken by the students.

Each one had a story to share of their earlier years and the directionless lives they were leading. Their life stories moved everybody to tears. The highlight of the event was the way they made their declarations and spoke with such Confidence in front of the audience, despite a few of them even being incapable of reading...

The immense change in their persona was visible in the areas of their Confidence, Social skills, Etiquette, Self Belief, Goals and dedication to reach the Zenith of their Life and implement the learning through the sessions and by being their own version of Zenith.

It was hard to believe to see these smart boys who just a few months ago sat in the first session so unwilling to learn, with chappals on the seats, using foul language, abusing and fighting with each other and getting angry for them was an all time excuse. 

If someone wanted to understand what a transformation in a life means- these children were a perfect example of Transformation Personified.