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Skills for Life Foundation,

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dream, Dream, Dream; Dream transform into thoughts; Thoughts transform into Action. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the epitome of Leadership and Integrity, and he has inspired the Zenithians to follow his footsteps and believe in their dreams by launching Curriculum to Zenith.

Memorable Moments

Dr. Kiran Bedi

Students at Zenith are taking a very big gift for their lives. Zenith provides a platform to students where they are “PRAYER IN ACTION”. These students are learning new things. They are becoming better Human Beings. The things that they are learning today, they are taking for themselves a whole character trait. A character habit which is going to be a foundation of all their responses. At this moment, they are not realizing the change it is actually bringing in them. But in reality this is going to go a long- long way. It is a turning point in their life in many-many ways because of the mere reason that they have seen what extra they have; they are seeing people not complaining when they have nothing. Their responses are simply going to change after this. My parents made the effort of bringing in the qualities that Zenith brings to you. We never had schools like Zenith, it is only now.

Memorable Moments

Ms. Sheila Dixit

Skills for Life Foundation is doing a tremendous job by organizing children and making them aware of the changing world and its changing challenges. I am extremely influenced by the work this organization is doing. When these kids came to me to be a part of your project, I was greatly excited to give all our support which I could give to make it a success. It is immensely important to keep taking part in such endeavors. It is exceedingly beneficial for this generation, their future and even for the upcoming generations. I wish this organization “All the very best”.

Memorable Moments

Sh. Milkha Singh

You have such capable kids at Zenith. It was a pleasure meeting them. Your organization is doing a tremendous job. Well done!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this meeting.

Memorable Moments

Dr. Rita Duggal

I deeply appreciate the hard work and efforts of the entire team of Skills for Life foundation specially Gurleen madam who work for you all like you were her own children, they do not take classes just to complete a course, they put in all that they have to bring about the change and contribute in your life. All of you have seen difficulties in your life and all of you children are from rural areas and I am amazed to see the immense improvement each one of you has shown in yourself, no one can imagine that you are the same children whose videos I had seen a few weeks back, You have all changed a lot and now it is all your work to continue with this change, it’s your responsibility to keep my thinking awake and Pass on this learning to your younger brother/sister, friends to improve their personality and teach them life skills. Our development starts with our family, our house and only then it spreads to our environment and surrounding so promise me to first create happiness in your family and then strive to make a happy community.