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Mataba Angela Helu

There was something empowering about say all these thing out loud and within that week, my mood changed and I actually started believing that I could better my self. Just to shed a little perspective, Before the just today assignment my life was riddled with cants. I can recall a phone conversation I had with Mrs.Gurleen, in which she asked me to name all my cants. I hesitantly started  naming them to her ; I cannot be responsible; I cannot be self sufficient; I cannot be independent. I didn’t realize it at the time, But these cants burdened my life by making me a prisoner to their meaning. So you can say that the Zenith program and the Just for today assignment freed me.

Delhi University

Sachin Mittal

“Throughout Zenith we learned lessons none of us would ever forget. Personally speaking, I can forget laws learnt in physics class or conjugation of verbs when studying french but not about how to change a destructive attitude to a constructive one. I personally had a very destructive, or also as known as “poor”, attitude to dealing with situations.

I constantly questioned god wondering why do I have to go through which such challenges and started to look at my problems as unsolvable. I have troubled all around me, including my family, spreading gloom solely due to my destructive attitude. And I am really sorry for this. However, after learning about how to actually develop a constructive attitude, I ponder as if how I could have made my previous 2 years much more pleasant if I knew this earlier. But again, Zenith has only taught me not to cry over spilt milk and to just keep looking forward. I know there will be obstacles I have to face in the future but this time I will go face them with a positive mindset. This time, I will be inquest for solutions and constantly seeking to turn each problem into an opportunity to grab.

Zenith was one of the things my mother found online and I went just because she told me to. To be completely honest, I went in to this thinking I won’t learn anything. However, once mam helped me open my mind, there hasn’t been a single second in this classroom which I thought was a waste of time. From the fun activities to the inspirational stories, my mind has just been able to absorb whatever is being taught. That has really taught me the importance of being open minded. If we are willing to learn, we will learn. ”

Akanxa Swami

When I first came to Zenith, I had lost myself, I had lost the person I was a few years ago- someone I was proud of and this journey at Zenith definitely paved a pathway towards that person, a path that I believe I am already halfway across only because of the time and support invested in me by my beautiful mom and sister, my grandparents and an absolutely amazing mentor that I found in the form of Gurleen ma’am. I would also definitely thank Priya ma’am, because believe it or not from a person who refused to talk on the phone to anybody, Priya ma’am was the one person who finally taught me to pick up that phone and had my back through this journey.

GD Goenka World School

Shashank Lamba

GD Goenka World School

Being at Zenith helped me work on my smallest of my imperfections. And apart from that, there have been HUGE changes in me which involve better interaction with people, being more confident and most importantly, being more responsible. Gurleen ma'am always put in some bits about being more responsible in every session. In fact, there have been entire sessions about responsibility and acceptance. I have really started seeing how my parents and other adults have started regarding me as SUBSTANTIALLY more responsible. I live in a boarding school and before, they didn't let me go to areas just outside the boarding alone. But after noticing the changes in me, they let me travel alone all way back home which is about a 1000kms. Thank you, Zenith!

It took me real long but Gurleen Ma’am happened to be the one to make me realize that people’s opinion of me really do not matter. What matters is whether or not I respect myself and do things that make me and my dear ones proud.

Being at Zenith has worked wonders for me and I am so glad that I got an opportunity to be a part of this incredible journey. I am really grateful for Zenith and the team who helped me lead a better life.

Tiyasha Chakraborty

GD Goenka World School

The Northcap University gurgaon

Jessika Taneja

Being at Zenith made me an optimist and oh my, was I the most pessimistic girl before this. Zenith changed me on a molecular level, it rewired me. It taught me to want things the way I wanted air to breathe, to give every task everything it takes & to stick to my word. Changing the way I did being a 21 year old isn’t easy but being here every week, attending the sessions with these beautiful people, doing the activities and assignments has taught me so much.

I learnt how to deal with situations and with people a lot better. I'd like to think that I'm a lot nicer now.

MBS School of planning and Architecture

Ishita Purwar

I started expressing myself. I started to notice that I was indeed becoming someone who was confident, someone who communicated with those around her, and shared her viewpoints. Every single session gave me an opportunity to dive deeper into myself and understand how the Ishita sitting inside deals with every situation. I started to realize how I always had an excuse for everything. However, that changed when I was introduced to a whole new dimension to the word “CAN.” I got to learn that it’s very easy to say can’t in every single situation and use it as an excuse to stay in our comfort zone but to say “I can” in every situation is what is difficult. From that session onwards, I made a conscious effort to remove can’t form my dictionary.

GD Goenka World School

Aashna Nahar

The Northcap University gurgaon

"What really made this journey different was that they made sure that we put our solutions to practical use. So every day after our sessions, we were given home assignments based on what we had learnt that day. And Ma’am made sure that we do our assignments with full sincerity because the next day she would ask us to come up in front of the entire class and share our experience. For instance, the day that we had a session on relationships, our assignment was to go back home that day and acknowledge our parents for whatever they had done for us till date. We were given the magic of the 3A’s. We realized that just like in the game of Tic Tac Toe, to master the skills of Relationships, the 3A’s of must be in line too.

  1. Acknowledging, that is taking notice of what someone has done for us and letting them know that their contributions are being noticed and that they make a huge difference.

  2. Apologize, it was not just about saying sorry for a mistake that we had committed but it was more about letting go off the burden of guilt that we had been carrying on our shoulders for long enough for any little thing that we may have done.

  3. Accepting everyone the way they are, not because that is something that should be done but because many a times, people accept us too.

In my mind, I was just doing the assignment but what I really did not realize was that I was actually making a new start with my parents, breaking the ice and building a stronger bond."

Stuti Kumar

GD Goenka World School

The program has really changed me for the better. Going from being a shy child to expressing myself a lot, more than I am used to, I feel the progress. Because of Zenith I’m ready for what is ahead of me, thank you everyone who believed in me and supported me throughout.

Since one of my biggest achievements is staying in contact with people who are close to me, they’re the ones who really saw a big difference in my attitude towards the change that I am trying to bring in myself. Being a person who doesn’t like talking on the phone at all, actually calling up people and asking them even the simplest of questions like ‘how was your day?’ would spark the most shocked reactions from them: from “What’s wrong with you today?” to “You sure you’re not sick?” I am happy to have worked on myself and created a new Stuti I am beginning to be proud of.

Suhani Agarwal

Zenith is an amazing place to explore yourself. Zenith gave me a chance to learn about my abilities, my strengths & weaknesses and helped me to work upon them. Zenith changed my life. It is really special to me. It helped me make a better version of myself and has made me confident and helped me grow in a way that I am proud to be what I am today.

I am proud to start my new life as a zenith, who knows the value of her commitments, who knows how to take initiatives, and most importantly, knows how to be in control.


Rajyeveer Sultania


Zenith leadership program has added various values in me, few of them being time management, taking initiative , expressing to people and many more. After learning and applying these values, people appreciate me and I feel proud.

I never used to take initiatives in school, in events or activities and I was scared of it because I thought people would make fun of me and judge me. I have started to take initiatives in school programs.

aMy teachers are really surprised because they started to see the new Rajyaveer who has evolved but with the help of Zenith. More than anything else, I think what really matters is that I have started respecting myself and that I, too am proud of myself.

Maleika Hussain

Zenith made me more empathetic and passionate.. It made me realize a very important learning of life ‘It’s okay to be wrong, but what’s not okay is not having the ability to accept and correct the mistakes. After coming to Zenith I realized how arrogant I am as a person, It also made me realize how important apologizing is when I’m wrong. I can proudly say that Zenith has made me a much calmer, empathetic person. I have a deeper  thought process and I am a better version of myself, whose passion and participation for the better things in life like music, art, writing, gardening and staying within nature has increased, while my unnecessary comments have reduced significantly, transforming my relationships significantly.

DPS Gurgaon

Bikash Behera

"I thought, how any program can change me for the better in just 11 days. And not just this program, I was cynical about everything in life. I trusted no one, never appreciated anything, criticized everything and mostly saw the faults in people. I almost started considering a career as a critic. And then on the 6th day of the program, in our session, Gurleen Mam said something beautiful, “If you want to be appreciated, learn to appreciate others. If you want to be heard, learn to listen and if you want to be understood, learn to understand others.”  And in that moment it clicked to me as to why all my life I felt underappreciated, unheard and misunderstood.

This solves one of the biggest problems of my life. However life will give me many more. In one of the sessions, we were talking about critical thinking and how to approach any problem in life. In that session we were given a task called 38 balls in a hoop. Now this task seemed impossible at first and despite numerous attempts we kept failing. But we did not give up. And finally we found the solution which was in fact incredibly simple. I believe life problems are just like this task. No matter how tough it may seem, there always is a way which I will find only if I keep trying."

Kendriya Vidyalaya Tughlakabad

Mehak Jain

Zenith has become a part of me it’s the person who I am. Zenith has helped me realise my true self, my capabilities and who I actually am. I was able to truly improve myself through this platform. I lost all confidence in myself. But today when I see myself, I see that I stand here as a Zenith, as someone who has a power within, the power of self-belief and someone who is capable enough to be on the top, at her Zenith. Today, I stand here like a pyramid, who can’t be shaken or broken, no matter what kind of storm hits her.

DPS, Sushant lok, Gurgaon

Shorya Gupta

Zenith has given me the courage to stand up for myself, make my own decisions and not be scared of its outcome, I have become much more confident and it has also taught me the important and indispensable learning of time management and I’m very thankful. The Zenith team has truly made me realize what I am and can be. To be honest this is the very first time that I addressed an audience and I was not close to being as nervous as I used to be because being here has given me an opportunity to realize my true potential.


Pranab Bhasin

I started trusting people and taking help from them and however surprising it may sound to others, but trusting people earlier seemed to be a daunting task for me but I am glad to say that I am a much happier person now just because I have learnt to value those around me by not just feeling grateful but giving them a chance by investing my trust in them.

Zenith has taught me how to be confident, building the ability to say No without hurting people, taking Initiative in my day to day life and accepting my mistakes. These might seem small but for me these are huge accomplishments. I’m really grateful to Zenith for this opportunity and I wish to come here again.



Zenith has transformed me to become the best version of myself till date, and I am truly grateful to Zenith to have made me a much more confident and responsible person. Now, I’ve started to become more aware about myself and look onto things in a different way, I can never forget a learning from one of our sessions where I learnt that how truly ‘Our eyes are useless when the mind is blind’. I really appreciate Team Zenith and especially Gurleen ma'am for the trust they've shown in me and making me a better person.

DPS Gurgaon

Karan Manchanda

I really like being at Zenith and all sorts of that stuff. However, something that I have always believed in is that even though life is tough it has made me strong enough to face it and my first step towards facing everything that was not right in my life would be by confronting all the “not-so-right” things about my messed up life to my favorite person over here.

Zenith brought out the caring side of me that only Zenith could see and taught me that I should respect the people I love because without them I don’t have a life to live and yes, I promised to not lie in this journey and today I have been able to improve a little bit, especially as I am taking an initiative to be responsible.

DPS Gurgaon

Sparsh Sagar

I came to Zenith looking to develop my communication skills and learn to express my feelings and thoughts clearly because I used to feel that I am being judged all the time, whenever I share something but today I am not only a confident individual, speaking in front of you all but also someone you can trust.

Trust me when I say this, Zenith has really helped me develop into a leader who knows how to think critically through problems.


Tanya Vig

"Zenith has added great value in my life Zenith has helped me improve my Relationship,increase my Confidence and increased my Integrity."

Lotus valley school

"This program has helped me evolve into a completely new person, Someone who can make a difference and guide people as a leader. Someone who is her own leader, Fights her fears, manages her problems,Dumps her excuses. This has been a very fruitful journey for me."

Radhika Panhotra

The Northcape University

Kanishk Bhadana

"An irrational guy, i would always be boating on the tides of emotion & though am an emotional guy.

I entered this place with all the hope to reduce my irrationality. 

& here i was told the foundation beliefs & behavior.

And yes, then i came to know who I am

I came to realise the existence of I which is actually a relative thing. 

Gurleen maam always told us, 'guys, create some magic.'

I wondered about these two serious words. Creation. And magic. 

And it gave me feeling that I am a creator, I am a magician and this lead to a realization that magic is inside me like a buried treasure. 

And its search must never end.

Ma'am shared a contractor's story with us, and I derived that I'm also a contractor, a constructor, making my own house which represents my life.

And each brick is our response to moment and now I'm aware of each one of them. "

Kunal Balhara

"When I started being at Zenith, I was an impatient guy who used to lose his temper at the drop of his hat. Zenith made me realize that there is always a calm way to handle a situation, all we need to do is change our perspective.

These past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to change my perspective on Leadership through a number of different games and activities held during the sessions. I have also had the opportunity to learn and understand how to manage my time properly and sharpen my skills.I have come to realize that a leader is someone who sees potential in the future and sets in motion actions directed towards that future, someone who is purpose-centered and not comfort centered, and finally, someone who is willing to face the challenges to achieve the desired outcome."

Delhi university

“Zenith taught me that if I want the world to admire I then I have to start admiring myself first. The thing is that no one is perfect, and no one can ever be perfect but it doesn’t mean that I stop working towards that perfection. Zenith has acted as a ladder for me to reach that peak.  They never said it was going to be easy, but I was not here to do easy things. Problems will always come but this time I am ready to face them with confidence and belief in myself. Zenith changed me. ”

Chhavi Yadav

GD Goenka public school

Damini Sethi

“Zenith is a place where you don't get hurt when people give you feedback about yourself, instead you feel good that there is someone to guide you. It is here that I learnt how to take risks in life, how to face my fears, how to break my cant’s and so much more. Zenith has given me a chance to take a leap and strive to become the best from better. Zenith for me is to become confident, determined and consistent. It is to come out of my comfort zone and to prove to myself and to others that I am unstoppable.”

DPS 45

 Aadya Dubey

“I believed myself to be a girl who used to hesitate when asked to speak in public. I used to think What if I get stuck in between while speaking? Or What will people think about me?I have realized that its important to express oneself, otherwise, how will people know the inner you, how will people know what you’re capable of? I have built my skills in certain areas which I’ve mentioned whereas I'm still improving in some others which people will find out soon because I remember ma’am saying in the session of ‘Good to Great’, that you should always keep improving yourself or, as she puts it, keep making yourself a better You, instead of satisfying yourself with just who you are. ”

Euro International

Prakriti Gupta

"Before joining Zenith I was a very different person altogether. I was someone who used to be very shy, not at all confident, scared to talk. On the first day I was clueless about what the program would be and I wondered if I would be able to stick to the program for 11 long days. But during the program, I was, surprisingly enough dedicated and committed.

Earlier, I used to believe that I was not so dedicated which was in fact a limiting belief. This was something that I realized as we were made to do an exercise named invisible chair. My legs were hurting but I did not give up. At that time I decided that nothing is impossible and I have the capacity to stay committed for as long as I want. I was the type of person who could never open up with others. I was just so scared to go on the stage. I used to start stammering and I used to get nervous. I have now learnt to be confident in my own self and my own abilities.

The assignment which was given to us daily , each one of them contributed and helped me to become a different person overall."

“I have changed my cant’s into can’s which have essentially helped me to move on from the insignificant things in life. Today, no matter what difficult situations comes in front of me, I am a Zenith and I face them.”

Jahnavi Goriyaan


Aaryan Bhat

“It was a time period where I discovered how to become my best self, how to be honest, how to overcome my fears and many such things.Each Home Assignment we did had its own set of challenges.I was warming up for the big challenge which was to do Interview my parents. I did not expect it to be so emotional as it became, after I completed the assignment. I swear “meri ma na muje kafi dino ke liye kuch nhi kaha iss activity ke baad” and I think not only my Mother, but my Father and Sister saw me differently. Most importantly, I saw myself differently. Not only all of this, but Zenith has opened my eyes and made me realize what all opportunities I have missed but from now on that will change. I do not miss any opportunities. I am confident, I am became the best version of myself and I can proudly say that I am a ZENITH.”


"As name of the course is " Leadership And Life Skills", It really works on it. Earlier I wondered what it would be but now, I feel too elated. It really adds value to my life by giving me so much learning .I find many things easy now.I have a different mindset and I feel much better now. Thank you Team Zenith!"

Hiteshi Khatter


"I have learnt to manage my skills such as controlling my emotions in various situations. The most important thing that I learnt is being a leader with a Zenith like quality which means being at the top.We were given an activity called the 9 dots. What I really learnt from this activity is that we should always think beyond the situation, see beyond what is readily available and think out of the box."

Purvein Lalit

DTEA Senior Secondary School

"Before joining Zenith, I was an extremely shy and awkward person and used to be full of angst when around anyone that I didn’t know or wasn’t a close friend of mine. I just didn’t know what to say, or how I would go about saying it. Since attending each session, I have seen myself develop in a way that I didn’t think I was possible. I feel much more confident around other people and can express myself much better. I have been more open with my parents and friends and can definitely see change in the way they think about me. I still have a long way to go, but with the skills I have learnt at Zenith, it seems achievable."

Kabir Rao

Heritage Gurgaon

Shrey Aggarwal

"In one of the activities, we had been given, we had to interview our parents and ask them about our strengths and weaknesses.

To my surprise, I discovered that both of them had only one grudge with me, I don't listen enough.

After a lot of inspection and introspection, I came to the conclusion that yes, maybe I hear without listening and this could well be my biggest weakness. this was my eureka moment. I realized that my parents were always there for me no matter what.

 All of this was always there but it took a Zenith interview for us to talk and for me to introspect and yes eventually listen and for this, I will be eternally grateful."

Vatsal Yadav

GD Goenka public school

“I take more initiative to speak publicly and start conversations with those around me. I now think critically and not emotionally.

I consider Zenith to be a life changing opportunity because it has helped me unleash my potential to be a Leader. It is like the sandstorm which was responsible for the Great Pyramids to be revealed to the world. It has lead me to become a person who can stand on the top of the world”

Srinidhi Kumar

"I couldn't be more grateful and happy that I've been gifted this wonderful workshop at the time when I needed it the most in so many ways.This workshop was the best reminder, initiator and motivational push I could ever have gotten. And I stand here and I make a promise. 

That I'm going to improve myself in ways that I can. I declare to implement all the things I have talked about in daily life.and I know I can. And I've done it before here, I'll do it again. 

If I haven't done it before, I'll push myself to do it. I know I can. 

And I'm proud of myself for knowing that.

Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

"I had stage fright and now I am here giving a declaration speech in front of all of you. That is the can't which I broke and overcame.Jennifer bricker,She is the person who I admire the most. Her guts and her courage to show to the world who she really is and overcoming her fears despite having no legs inspired me.

I have realized the ability to concentrate on my strengths and not on my weakness."

Zenia B.J Singh

"The course was very valuable to us as I learnt many things which I could apply in my daily life. "Zenith Leadership Program" teaches me the value of many things in life which I don't know and most importantly I don't understand."

Samridhi Madan

Delhi university

Khushi Balhara

“I learnt how to maintain that optimistic demeanour no matter the circumstances. I focus on the “what else” than what is available to be seen in plain sight.

Zenith has changed my life. It has taught me to live with confidence and sheer determination. Now, I feel like I am ready to face every hardship and obstacle in life for I think it is an opportunity for me to reach my Zenith. It was so much fun discovering myself. I realized that I am a buried treasure of good qualities that could make a successful individual.”

APJ Saket

"The Zenith Leadership Program helped me understand the value of relationships in my life. It also made me believe in the power of can and the fact that I have the ability to achieve anything I put my mind to."

Dhananjay Khanna

Amity international school

"This was one amazing journey. I have been able to add new people in my life who I can fall back on whenever things go wrong in the future- this is my Zenith family and we are amazing. My mom is so proud of me. She can see that I am a much more responsible individual now. I have been able to improve my relationship with those around me."

Shiv Wadhwa

GD Goenka Model town

Krish Tandon

"Zenith has always been a true guide to success. It has changed my life earlier and even now. Gurleen Ma'am is the best mentor in the world. her teaching will touch your heart. I can't describe "Zenith" through words, It's my feeling.Thank You!"

GD Goenka Model town

"I was an over rational being, very stubborn and of course at times, rude to my parents’. I used to get irritated easily, I heard what they said but never listened to it. I lacked integrity and I had pathetic Self-Management Skills.

After joining this Program I have started seeing life in a different way. Now, to me, life is all about Relationships and Integrity. Now, I have started noticing what the people around me do for me and I have started acknowledging them so that they know that they make a difference and above all, I have become a part of my family."

Washid Hussain

Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology

"I Sambhavi Gandhi a true zenith has got this opportunity to stand before you and share my life changing journey in this foundation. From the 26th of may i has decided that from now onwards i shall have a belief that i can become a change that the society would look to see in me . Zenith gave me a platform to remove all my fears and the issues i used to face before coming here Everyday i come here with a new hope that today i have to take something new and positive , something that heals my problems. I had a big time commitment and time - managing issue but my friends and my mentors helped me come out of this  difficulty ."

Sambhavi Gandhi

GD Goenka World School

Rohan Budhiraja

"I was an arguing person and never really cared about what anyone said. It was in the session on the 3A Magic and Relationships that really changed my life. I can’t forget the day when I was met with the realization that "If you want people to listen to you, listen to them first, or if you want people to understand you, understand them first or for that matter, if you want for people to express to you, express to them first".

Now I am a different person. I am cooperative and happy. This session has taken me to another world, a world that is beyond everyone else’s reach. This is a world where the winds have changed, a world where I am cool tempered. I now know my fears, I consider trusting people and I have grown in relationships. I have developed the ability to listen."

Shivamm Gupta

American School

"Zenith School of Leadership is one of those very few programs in the world that has changed the lives of many. I turned out to be no exception. Ever since I joined this amazing course, I have become a hard working person. Previously I used to be very lazy and thought that things would happen by themselves. I have started to do much better in school. I have become a much more open person and because of that, the relationship between me and my parents has become stronger. I have developed a more positive attitude and that was not the case before I came to this course. I used to have a very negative attitude and I never appreciated what I got. This platform has helped me grow into a better person."

Aashi Goel

Zenith means a lot to me. I have discovered who really I am. I’m Zenith. It has taught me how to spread happiness. It has taught me how to be peaceful & how to spread peace. I wish that it never ends. ZENITH is the most valuable gift I have received in life by my parents who made me join this program.

GD Goenka School

Shouray Duggal

Presidium School

After attending this program I really feel on TOP of WORLD. I have learnt how important is to listen beyond words and this has changed my relationship with my grandparents, friends. I won their hearts.

I was always frightened to go on the stage and today I can not only speak but also perform. ZENITH is a wonderful and the best gift my parents have given me.


Earlier, I was not really good with Language but  then I sat down to create an action plan with the help of my Mentors, I started noting down new words, use them in my vocabulary, I worked on my pronunciation, I know you might not find me great and still would be identifying a lot of errors as I speak today, but the difference is I will not let my fear stop me, I will keep attempting it till I get perfect

 I now feel, I am in control of my situations, I have worked on building a constructive attitude and apply my critical thinking skills to resolve problems. I have closely worked on my facial expressions.


Nehal Dagar

“Zenith taught me that I need to be consistent in whatever I do. And the most important thing that I have taken from here is taking control of my anger and learning to see the other person’s perspective when we are in an argument. I learnt to give others a benefit of doubt and thought maybe, they had a bad day, or they had a fight with someone else and we can help them out with it, lend a hand or just be understanding, rather than making it worse for them? Zenith for me was inspirational.”

APJ Saket

Mudita Jaisingh

“I started becoming more responsible and started doing my tasks which were told to me. I started going to college on time.
Zenith also improved my relations. Now I admire myself. It has taught me to be positive about myself and never be negative. Zenith has also taught me the power of CAN. ”

NTT Bal bharti school


"A number of diverse experiences throughout the course of this program has made me mature enough to dump my excuses, take responsibility for my actions and move out of my comfort zone to create some magic in my life. I now understand that the 3A Magic- Acknowledge, Apologize and Accept are like the 3 pillars on which any relationship stands.

My journey of becoming a Zenith has been wonderfully fulfilling and I am very grateful for it. Today, I declare that I would keep on applying all that I have learnt to my everyday life, that I could continue to mend my relationship with others and take the initiative to understand them."


Gursahej Singh

Bloom Public School

I have accomplished a lot of things in my life through Zenith - self-discipline, confidence & the power to acknowledge people, just to mention a few. I have started doing my homework on time, listening to my parents, respecting people, not being scared to speak on the stage in front of a large audience, and not scared to give my opinion. Zenith has been truly a wonderful experience for me.

Eshika Gombar

Bal Bharti Public School

I Eshika Gombar have overcome my fears and weaknesses by being a part of Zenith. It is a dreamland which I think is a necessity for every child. I really enjoy going to the Zenith sessions because the atmosphere here is full with positive energy. Being here I have gained innumerable qualities like: Now I am really confident and have overcome my stage fear and improved my oratory and writing skills. Now I can tackle people and situations when needed and control my anger. I can say this journey has been the most beautiful journey of my life ever.

Rishabh Arya

New Era Public School

Zenith has changed the old Rishabh into a new one. I now know how to improve my own short-comings. I know what to do in difficult situations. I now have the capability to think positive in every difficult situation.

Umica Sehgal

Jaspal Kaur Public School

Today I am able to do things that I was not confident about earlier. I am very happy. Zenith is not just a word for me. It is helped to bring out the best in me.

Ria Ahuja

Lancer’s Convent

I learnt how to change my negative beliefs into POSITIVE BELIEFS!! I also learnt that what are my STRENGTHS and what are my weak areas in which areas I have to work upon!! I also got to know about my CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE and how I can improve on my weaknesses. The BEST MOMENT for me in ZENITH was that I got to know about the 3 A's: Acknowledge; apologize and accept. I learnt to break my limiting beliefs. I also built up on my weak areas such as: RELATIONSHIPS; CONFIDENCE and SELF EXPRESSION!! Now I have a good RELATIONSHIP with my family and other people; I am confident in my life; I express myself fully to others so that they understand me and they admire me even more than they admired me before!!! I AM A ZENITH! I will NEVER QUIT in life! I will NEVER GIVE-UP!!!

Niharika Vig


I remember my first day at Zenith. The feeling of fear, what people will think, was just killing me. The little voice in my head was screaming loudly to go back to my car, but still I went inside and sat in one corner but I didn't know that zenith would just change my life.

As it started I took interest in it and couldn't believe that it was actually affecting me. I got all those things that I couldn't get in all my life, like I learnt to acknowledge the presence of people in my life, to apologize when I was wrong, I also learnt to overcome my limiting belief and my fears.  My biggest fear was to speak in front of people and I was able to overcome it. I learnt to remove the letter T from the word "can't"-to say everything is possible. I even learnt how to see the reason behind what someone was saying (listening beyond words).

From the next day I started greeting all my cousins, my uncles and aunts with a new confidence and they congratulated my mom for choosing ZENITH.

ZENITH has given me the power to create my goals for my future and the ability to have a vision and to take action for it.

“Walk the Winners talk" gave me the method to put my thoughts into action. I also learnt to say No and fight for what was right.

The Z principles taught me to be courageous, patient and honest.

Now when I look back at my achievements, I feel really proud of myself and I am grateful to my parents who introduce me to this wonderful course.........thanks ZENITH for giving me this powerful life.

Lancer’s Convent


It has made me more responsible towards relationships with my parents, has given me an aim to make my parents proud, by creating a wonderful career for myself. Zenith has brought a transformation in me. It has helped me to become a new individual. It has helped me to look the world from new eyes.

GD Goenka School


I want to thank Zenith Leadership Program for adding confidence in my life. I have changed my attitude. I want to acknowledge Zenith because it has made me confident, responsible and much more. Thank you ZENITH for enhancing my personality.

Prachi Pahwa

Presidium School

The change of being an extra-ordinary human being from ordinary is what Zenith has blessed me with. After joining Zenith the biggest change within me is that I have become a person of my word. I value my word as much as I value myself. For me my character is much more than my reputation. I also believe we can’t savor the food of success until we fail in life. I handle failure with great enthusiasm and it helps me to achieve all my goals. To sum it up I would like to say Zenith is a platform, a solution to every adolescent’s problems.


Vikas Bharti School

I have gained immense self-confidence from Zenith. Zenith has proved to be a turning point in my life. Zenith has taught me that nothing is impossible and that ''EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF MY WILL IS STRONG AND MY VISION IS CLEAR''.Now I dare to think out of the box. My thought process has completely changed and has become more positive and constructive. Now people admire me and they can see positive things and good qualities in me. The purpose of joining Zenith was to gain confidence and integrity and I can rightly say that my purpose has been achieved and fruitfully fulfilled.  Now I really feel that I am a different, more progressive, confident, admirable, disciplined and creative person than what I used to be before.

Rahul Kumar

Amity International School

I am Rahul Kumar, a proud member of the ZENITH family. I have realized the importance of my relations, friends & family as an inextricable part of my life & the power of acknowledgement. This program has made me realize that I am no less and I can do anything. It makes me feel that I have to become the best. I have discovered the power to put our best step forward and create history.

Bhavi Sibal

Delhi Public School

Zenith changed my point of view on negative situations and taught me to see the positive side of the situation. It has boosted the confidence of changing my cant’s to can’s. My special thanks to Gurleen ma'am and Zenith school of Leadership.


When I came here I did not have any courage and confidence. Now I have gained confidence to face failure and get up in my life. I have the courage to stand up and speak in front of everyone. I have learnt about the power of my being and also a lot about relationships. I have realized that trust and understanding are important to build up a strong relationship. I have discovered a new me. I have realized that I am unique and I too can make a difference.

Divyansh Sharma

Zenith Leadership Program is the best program that I have ever participated in.  I want to thank ZENITH for giving me the power of  I-can, confidence, helping me to make promises, making me capable to take responsibilities and changing my attitude. ZENITH is in my heart.

Parth Kumar

Zenith has given many things to me. It has made me value relationships and take my word seriously. It has taught me that with determination, self-belief and hard work one can achieve anything in life.


Scottish High School

I have gained a lot through this training which includes confidence, the identity of I, power of 5 W’s, the power of 3 A’s, knowing about relationships, the circle of excellence and many more.

So, thank you Zenith to give me the confidence to improve myself in anyway. Earlier when I came and became a part of this training, I didn’t have the confidence to improve so much in my life but now I can say that I CAN DO IT & I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Thank you so much. I will remember these two days throughout my life. After this training I can say I AM Zenith.


I think that Zenith was the most important event in my life. I am very glad and  proud to join this place and I want to be here  every day. I have gained many things from Zenith Leadership Program.

Lancers Convent

Janpreet Kaur

George Brown College, Canada

From this program I have learnt a lot of things like the power of acknowledging and apologizing to people. I got to know that these are the things which build stronger relationships. This program has made me confident and made me realize that a Zenith is someone who believes in the power of can and not reacts on things but responds. We should always be like water not like a Fizzy drink.


There are many values which ZENITH Leadership Programs has added in my life. The entire Program has added the values of relationship, leadership and the most important value of love. Besides, this program has taught me how to be courageous, confident and the basic value of being ZENITH. I would really thank the entire Zenith family for teaching me life- changing values.

Nipun Chautani

I can’t express Zenith in a few words. It made me grow in many ways; in Self Confidence, Attitude, Adjustment, making me responsible. Zenith helped me to make my bond with my Mom and Dad more powerful; my hidden Zenith is no more hidden.

Bal Bharti Public School

Drishti Chander

 The Heritage School

I used to burst on people and become harsh at times. But, now I discovered my new self and I feel positive about myself. I have now started to giving importance to others feelings and not only mine. I used to give my word and then not follow it and not give importance to it. But now I keep my word. 


When I entered this room, I was nervous but today when I leave this class I feel more confident, courageous and understanding than ever. In this class we had loads of fun together and learnt about understanding, listening beyond words, confidence for powerful communication, commitment to give life to your word,’ I am possible ‘ attitude, courage to accept failure and charisma for being admired. Thank You Zenith for teaching me all this. I am Tejas and I am Zenith.


I would now give my 100 percent to complete my circle of excellence and to master relationships by using the power of three A’s. I meet people with a positive attitude and I am kind, honest and helpful. Now I can proudly say that I am a Zenith.

Devyansh Bansal

ZENITH has helped me a lot  in every aspect of life. I learnt many values like honesty, politeness, confidence, becoming responsible.


Ryan International School

Zenith has given me the ability to make a commitment to complete my circle of excellence and be a master of relationships by using the power of three A’s. I  now show compassion towards my family. Now, I also know that behind every behavior of a person there is a positive intention and I pledge to look towards that intention. I can proudly say that I am Zenith.


Now I feel good because I believe that I can do everything. Now I have confidence because of Zenith. Zenith has taught me a great thing and that is ‘I’ is related to many things like friends, parents, grandparents etc. I can make good relationships and can acknowledge anyone.


I am Zenith.


Before these classes, I was a fierce and aggressive boy who always shouted on others. I have gained courage, positivity and I have understood who a good person is. Now, I am a person who thinks positive and does positive because I have discovered a new me at Zenith. I am proud to say that I am Zenith.


The best part of the training was the circle of excellence. It enabled me to explore the areas where I am good at and the ones which I need to develop. There were many more things which I have learnt in this training. There were many games through which I learnt and stories told. We also learnt how to be a master of relationships. I had a great time here.


I am Zenith.