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Assim Hussain

Maleika Hussain

Maleika has always been an intelligent child, and she’s quite talented is what I feel. However, it's my belief from my own life experience that no matter how talented or intelligent you are, 3 attributes are important to be effective and a good human being. 

They are Confidence, communication and empathy.
Malieka lacked Empathy and Zenith has helped enhance all these 3 qualities in her and help her grow. We wish for her to grow up into a good human being and someone who makes a difference in her fellow beings lives.

Shakshi Agarwal

Suhani Agarwal

As a mother I’ve always wanted the best for my child, and till a certain age was I able to adjust. But the moment Suhani entered her teenage, even my best efforts were proving worse for her. Moreover, emotionally, intellectually and psychologically, within a year I realized how perfectly imperfect a mother I had become and now required structured help for her. Zeniths has been that structured help for me. Within no time of being a part of Zenith, my short tempered, frustrated, introvert daughter started taking control of her life. Earlier she had completely closed herself in a shell which Zenith beautifully opened up and led her in the right direction of achieving her full potential and overcoming the obstacles she was facing.

She has learned to respond to difficult situations, not react. I’m very happy to see this optimist side of her.

Pooja Gupta

Rujula Gupta

"She has become responsible, Patient, she start listening to good and bad both and talking out positive side only which is really amazing. Now i have start copying her to become Zenith Pooja like her. Rujula has become more mature and focus which i always want her to be, Our relation has improved so much that now I have found a true new friend to whom I can share and take advice support me in taking decision. Thanks Gurleen Ma'am. "

Meenakshi Taneja

Jessika Taneja

Jessika is a beautiful child and I truly believe that she is not just beautiful outside but even on the inside. However, she was an extremely unhappy and oversensitive child who I feel was her own worst enemy. In the first activity I highlighted that I wanted her to be happy, I wanted her to learn to love herself and to value herself better. Today she is a changed person. She has a better outlook and attitude towards life and she is more optimistic. She is learning to appreciate that she is loved not just by parents but by many other people in her life that she is not alone but surrounded by many lovely friends. I hope she continues to work on these aspects and find the happiness in life. A very big thank you to zenith!

Indika Mann

Kunal Balhara

Khushi Balhara

“My daughter, Khushi Balhara, loved coming for the sessions here, at zenith, without any excuse. This itself is very intriguing because she wishes to skip any other class she joins. She’s become more patient, is ready to apologise when she does a wrong deed, more responsible and discipline."

My another child Kunal Balhara Zenith Has Change my child from an aggressive, Short-tempered person to a calm personality.He became more Responsible and Focused, Now he tries to understand the other person's point of view without rushing into result in a moment. I know he need a little more, But i hope he will be able to, As been a part of Zenith Community. "

Dr. Archana Krishna

Yashee Raaj Krishna

I have observed Yashee take responsibility of not just her actions but herself too. She is now able to make a discrimination between positive and negative, she has learnt to accept her rude behaviour and now apologizes from the core of hear, she’s learnt to practice time management with the help of ZENITH, implement daily planners, Task Matrix etc which is always on her study table and she tends to follow it. Her anxiety levels due to bad time management have declined, and she has begun to realize the value of time. Her communication skills are also improving


Jahnavi Goriyaan

“Zenith has added charm to my daughter, Jahnavi’s personality. She is now more focused then before, comfortable in expressing her views and has become quite transparent too. This program has also bridged the gap between our relation.”

Dipti Yadav

Chhavi Yadav

Vatsal Yadav

“Zenith has added a lot of value in my children’s lives. The most important of which is their belief in themselves and their social and emotional skills. I have seen their relationship growing better and being more harmonious, I have seen them accepting responsibility and being more confident in expressing themselves. They add a lot of value to our lives and they’ll be do so even more by continuing their journey here at Zenith.”

Hari Om Dagar

Nehal Dagar

“I highly appreciate the efforts made by Mrs.Gurleen Ma’am at Zenith to infuse such confidence in my daughters life. Freedom has no meaning if one doesn’t have the freedom to make mistakes.

Thanks to Zenith, I have had a more positive approach to the times Nehal makes mistakes instead of criticizing her.”

Poonam Dagar

Nehal Dagar

“Zenith has made my daughter, Nehal more confident and sincere. She now plans her tasks and completes them. She has also started taking more initiatives. Zenith is where she comes with her own interest and enjoys all the sessions too. She has started a new journey of life with her better version and as her mother, I’m sure she can face the world now.”

Jyoti Sagar

Sparsh Sagar

Sparsh never used to express himself, now he has become much more expressive socially, now he easily opens up with others and logically keeps his point of view in front of others, in situations where we as adults stress out, he has learnt to manage his cool and keep stress in stressful situations. Sparsh has become much more confident and learnt time management skills coming to Zenith. I am really thankful to Skills for Life Foundation for transforming Sparsh into a responsible and confident child.

Aradhna Dubey

Aadya Dubey

“I’m Aadya’s aunt and I live in Gurgaon, whereas Aadya lives in Bhiwadi. I was constantly worried that Aadya wasn’t getting the exposure she needed at her age. Her dad (my brother) and I have had a lot of exposure and travelled India a lot due to our father’s job but Aadya didn’t. But after sending Aadya to zenith, I’m extremely happy to see her spend time on something more than her studies and friends. Most importantly she has started introspecting and thinking. My main aim was for her to introspect and has been met to a great extent. Thank you zenith!”

Amitabh Sagar

Sparsh Sagar 

Sparsh has started having his independent thoughts. After Zenith he has become a much more strong personality and handles difficulties in a practical and cool manner. He thinks rationally and logically and his confidence and communication skills have enhanced. He knows what is good and bad for him and has become more flexible to make corrections after listening to feedback given to him, he accepts that he’s become a successful leader and good human being.

Seema Swami

Akanxa Swami

Zenith leadership program has added a lot to Akankxa’s life. It’s added to her being more social, more confident and more expressive. Her points of views are clearer, and she’s become more responsible. Thank you zenith for adding zenith if confidence in my daughter.

Sanjay Taneja

Jessika Taneja

Jessika has been confident and helpful since when I can remember. At Zeniths I feel she has started to look at things differently, Zenith has given Jessika a new perspective, it has helped her be able to evaluate and set the perspective right. She now has a more responsible look at life, she has always been loving and caring. At Zenith her optimistic side revealed and has manifested in her personality in a big way.


Yashee Raaj Krishna

I have always been sure of the little star hiding in my child. I live in the US and was unfortunately losing connection with Yashee which really bothered me.
Being at Zenith helped her attitude change for the better, and she’s trying to become a better person, likeable and is giving up friends who were disturbing her. Making wise choices at this age is a big step towards success that Zenith taught her.

OP Swami

Akanxa Swami

I don’t have any words about zenith to pen down. 
My ward has learnt a lot from zeniths. From someone who was very shy to seeing Akanxa speak so well today, all due to zenith.
I request other parents to send their children to zeniths to improve their leadership qualities

Chitra Hussain

Maleika Hussain

Zenith has helped my child enhance her relationships by valuing others feelings while conversing, Zenith has given her a way to modulate and right words, structure and system and clarity of expressing her thoughts. She has improved over all, in co-curricular activities, extracurricular activities and in socializing too. 

Vaishali Bhasin

Pranav Bhasin

Overall the program has bought a change to Pranav’s life. He’s become more confident, his approach towards life has changed, he’s become more energetic, he’s able to communicate and express and his Self- realization has improved. 

Sanjay Purwar

Ishita Purwar

Ishita has always been a submissive child. After her joining zenith, a change can be seen in her. She has become expressive and communicative in her class with teachers at school. She has also become responsible and takes her studies more seriously now. We feel that she should take another program at zenith. 

Gautam Bhasin

Pranav Bhasin

Values such as expressing himself, talking to unknown people, creative thinking and be calm under pressure and to act with responsibility are very important and all these have been added to Pranav’s life through zenith.

Sanjeev Gupta

Shorya Gupta

Shorya has become more expressive now. He’s more confident, wants to try new things, and has overcome his shyness. In the last two months, he’s wanted to try new tasks. He’s started respecting his family and friends more now. Thank you zenith! 

Alka Purwar

Ishita Purwar

Ishita used to be an obedient girl but always shy, after Zenith, she has become more confident socially, she can take her own decisions now, especially with her studies. I am proud of her.

Ishita used to be an obedient girl but always shy, after Zenith, she has become more confident socially, she can take her own decisions now, especially with her studies. I am proud of her.

Neeraj Jain

Mehak Jain

Mahek has changed over the course of 2 months. She has started accepting the mistakes she makes and started acknowledging for the same. 
She’s also started sharing her problems openly and discuss the solutions

Somesh Kumar

Suhani Agarwal

Zenith has done for children what parents want to do but are unable to. Zenith has shown them the mirror; they now know what they have to work on to be truly successful and happy in life. It has also imbibed the ability to work effectively with others in them. They now know that life is about ‘people’ and not just technical knowledge. So they know the importance of improving their inter-personal skills, work better with themselves, their peers and groups. Zenith has imbibed lifelong leanings in her.

Meenu Dubey

Aadya Dubey

“In a moment, Aadya became outspoken, imaginative, creative and an extrovert. Now, I hope she has learnt what’s right and what’s wrong for her and what she wants to become. She has learnt

If you can’t fly,

You can run

If you can’t run,

You can walk

If you can’t walk,

You can crawl

But you should keep moving on

Thank you zenith!”

Vinay Bhat

Aaryan Bhat

“I wanted Aaryan to be a public speaker, I always knew he had the talent. Zenith and Gurleen ma’am gave him an opportunity and he grabbed it with both hands. I’m very happy with his performance today. Thank you and all the best.”

Priyanka Bhat

Aaryan Bhat

“Zenith has opened up the possibility of becoming a better version of himself. Aaryan has become more vocal and expressive. His stage fright seems to have dissolved. I now a see a clarity in his thoughts. My personal one-on-one session over the phone with Gurleen ma’am was a revelation for me. If possible I would love a face-to-face session with her too.”

Rashmi Chugh

James Chugh

“Since the moment I’ve entered, with every story I hear my eyes swell with tears. Every story is worth appreciating. Zenith has met my hopes of making James a better version of himself. Over the past year, we argued a lot and fought with his sister. But after a few sessions at zenith I could see a visible change in him. I want to appreciate Zenith for its hard and constant effort. Thank you!”

Raman Kumar Chugh

James Chugh

“Zenith is a self explanatory word. I would like to express my gratitude for embedding values in my son which were clearly visible at the event today. Congratulation Gurleen ma’am this journey has been a very successful one for James and wish best of my wishes for the future prospects.”

Nidhi Sethi

Damini Sethi

“Watching Damini speak so confidently in front of so many people is a sight I’ve always wanted to view. I am really thankful to Team zenith for such a wonderful program, for believing and trusting my daughter. I am so proud to be a part of such an institution. You are really doing a good job. Thank you!”

Rajan Madan

Samridhi Madan

"Zenith Has Brought A Change In Samridhi's Attitude Towards Life. She Has Become More Responsible And Truthful. She Has Become More Affection Tic And Acknowledge What Her Parents And Relations Are Doing For Her."

Rajeev Sethi

Damini Sethi

“Damini has learnt the values of life from this program. The way she spoke today impressed me, she got over her stage fight from this program. Earlier she was unable to express herself but now she can do so. This program has made me very happy with the outcome. Thank you zenith.”

Rakesh Mittal

Sachin Mittal

“Sachin has become more responsible and caring. He has realized that being open and honest with people who surround him helps to improve their relationships. He has had a lot of time attending this program.”

Soni Mittal

Sachin Mittal

“Zenith is a great platform for the kids who are struggling with problems and are unable to share them with their family or may not be getting positive support from their family. I must say that each child should attend this program as it helps opening up their mind which is very helpful living and sharing happiness. I’d like to thank zenith.”

Sanjay Vig

Tanya Vig

" Ownership and being Self-aware is one of the fundamental attribute for any individual.

 I see that germinating in tanya and she looks more responsible with a sure of purpose in life.she has conquered the limiting beliefs of failure and is ready to take path less travelled. Her math's skills were good  but she had this hesitation and belief that she can't do, which now is opening up and she is not a person of  that belief. "

Evangellie Helu

Angela Helu

" The zenith leadership program has helped my daughter to overcome her weaknesses and fears. She has become a more attentive person who empathizes with others. She is more aware of others feeling and tries to understand others. She has overcome her fears like stage fright and " can't do's " and moving out to be a strong person. I am greatly appreciative of the values that zenith program has installed in her and help her gain confidence in herself. "

Raman Khanna

Dhananjay Khanna

" Confidence is what is the most important feeling and aspect of anybody personality it can not be implemented without in having the self belief that you can do whatever you are planning. This is what i have seen increased in my kid after attending the 2 months sessions in your organization. Thought in intial stage he was always wandering why his parents are asking him to this but in the last weeks of his sessions he shared with us that he is gaining confidence to face problems and can now confidently share his words or explains himself better way in school. " 

Puneet Tondon

Krish Tondon

"Krish did this program second time and I am very happy that he did it. The virtues he learnt in the first time are further imbibed in this second session. He is more conscious of himself and everything around him. In believes the two sessions he was off – track has some time I am glad with this cause being repeated, he is back. In the future I see him as a wonderful person and a leader who is you create major impact in the lives of others."

Ritu Khanna

Dhananjay Khanna

" My son Dhananjay has become more confident. His attitude is changing now but he has to go a long way to be perfect, To be positive towards the tasks he is given. I am happy and thanks a ton to Zenith family for bringing chnages in my son. Thank so much. "

Shalini Panotra

Radhika Panhotra

" She is more confident. Has started hearing, her emotions has helped her to understand and work on her strength and weaknesses in a more logical way. "

Rajesh Yadav

Chhavi Yadav

Vatsal Yadav

“Both, my son and daughter, are doing well in their respective fields, school, behavior, relationships but to make an impact we have to teach them to do the same things differently. When we want to teach them something, to improve the behavior or add life skills they don’t understand. Zenith has helped us achieve this. Now, the relationship between the kids is better , they are more careful, they respect all the family members and take responsibility in doing any tasks or household work.”

Pooja Wadhwa

Shiv Wadhva

" Zenith has made Shiv more Confident. He has started to done and initiate. He has started Planing and Scheduling, Valuing Time. Though, A long way to go but at least he realizes his mistakes and wants to correct them. He wants to make us proud of him. "

Mukesh Panhotra

Radhika Panhotra

"The three ‘A’ concept seems to have added the maximum value in my child My idea of imposing this training was to bring more focus in her approach to any subject, Which seems to she working how.

She understand and acknowledge our role as parents in her upbringing is now oplozise for her mistake."

Rekha Vig

Tanya Vig

" Tanya has become a totally different child. The change that i see in her are : 1) most accepting 2) say less ' NO' 3) Enhanced Patience "

Sangeeta Madan

Samridhi Madan

"Zenith Leadership Program has made my child more confident, expressive, appreciating and accepting. Apologizing for her mistake. Zenith has evolved her from being a collage freak to a caring responsible person. This is an amazing journey and exposure to the world within. My daughter has made a long lasting relationship with Zenith and this been group I thank Zenith for the same.  "

Sheetal Tondon

Krish Tondon

" Truly as the word Zenith says, this program takes you to newer heights. I start with my heartfelt gratitude for Gurleen Mam who is doing such an amazing work of “creating Leaders” you are a true leader Mam!

I am so glad that Krish has repeated this program as I so wanted him to have his “Zenith effect” back. He lost his focus and went into comfort zone last year and with this program being repeated he has “rejuvenated and back with a Bang!

I wish Zenith grows leaps and bounds and you carry on with this beautiful journey of creating leaders. "


Manan and Drishti

I can see a change in my son Manan  He used to be really shy speaking on mike; I am proud to see him in front of so many parents and he also is able to maintain eye contact. This is a big achievement for me.  Both my children are more confident after this course.

Poornima Sachdeva

Rijul Sachdeva

Rijul is a more responsible person now. He does not react upon things like he used too, and has succeeded in attaining peace of mind.

Jatinder Duggal

Shouray Duggal

The program was amazing. After the program, Shouray has learnt wonderful things. His relationship with his grandparents is completely changed. He is now more confident and full of energy. In fact at times it is difficult for us to control/ channelize his energies. I am amazed to see that he has set his goals for his life and has started taking steps to achieve them.

Thank you very much Gurleen Madam & Harjit ji for I am Zenith program.

God bless you
with best regards

Anshu Jain

Kushal Jain

It was an amazing journey for my child. I really want to thank Zenith Team for transforming him into a new human being. It is the first time in his life that he shared things with me. He has never talked about anything with me before. Great Job!!

Manisha Arora

Akarshit Arora and Alankrita Arora

I am happy and proud to have enrolled my kids for Zenith. It has helped both of them to overcome their shortcomings and limiting beliefs, it is not only a learning for the kids but for me as a parent as well as to how and where we as parents need to change. I am glad that both of my kids have tried to improve in their relationships, be more confident and more accommodating. Zenith has sown in them the seeds to be future leaders. They have learnt to walk with people.

Kamala Das

Vishnupriya Das

Our daughter now shows a lot of responsibility and accountability in her day-to-day life. She is now composed, shows positive thoughts and a balanced attitude. Vishnupriya is definitely working towards being a “ZENITH” and will definitely achieve her goal to the best model. 

Sona Gombar

Eshika Gombar

Zenith has revolutionized my child’s life in all aspects. Zenith has a tremendous transformative power; it is showing a path of virtues and abilities thus guiding my daughter. My daughter has become more confident and has improved her oratory skills. Now she knows how to respond to situations. Each day has a fresh beginning, each day starts with a goal and ends with an accomplishment. Being a parent I feel proud that my daughter Eshika Gombar is a part of Zenith. Zenith has taught her how to walk with zeal and enthusiasm. I am sure that she would  achieve greater heights with the guiding principles. She is a true Zenith.

Sunil Pahwa and Charu Pahwa

Prachi Pahwa

Why do we close our eyes when we pray? When we cry? When we dream?

Because, we know that most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt with the heart. The same feeling is ours when we remember our visit to the closing session of the Zenith Program which was attended by our daughter Prachi. This experience has really become a life-long memory and a part of our personal archives. We were astonished to have listened to our daughter’s views on the dais that day as we felt that we have never been able to be a part of our children’s life before that day.

We feel immense pride to share that this very program& especially you madam are responsible for inculcating values in our daughter thus contributing in enabling the foundation stones of success in her life. We are really proud to be a part of Zenith.

Madam, every child is precious for the parents & every parent wishes to give "The Best" to their children & with her participation in Zenith we feel that we have tried to give The Best to our child.

Ritu Sehgal

Umica Sehgal

“She has become more confident and independent. Now, she gives importance to little things of life and faces challenges with zeal now.”

Sonalee Maini

Mehak and Krish Maini

“They both are able to understand and express themselves at our level, trying to be more responsible. Mehak is giving her best to create a new relationship of love and bonding with Krish.


Krish has started realizing his commitments which he has to complete. He listens to me carefully and realizes his actions which previously he did not use to do.


Both are aligning themselves to create a huge difference in my life whether its relationship, understanding, commitments or honesty.


Mehak has realized at this age the power of what she can create for her present and future”

Dr. Navin Sharma


The best thing that has happened out of Zenith to my son is that he has come closer to me, he has literally become my friend, and he shares things with me without any hesitation and expects an honest view and answer from me. He has started giving his perspectives on different situations with a very logical & responsive outlook.

Punita Bhasin

No words to express my feelings.  It left me spell bound, how these young minds could declare so powerfully and with conviction… What else a mother could say than “Today I completed my relation with my little angel”!

Khushi Bhasin

Dr. Manju Sharma

Zenith has been extremely helpful for Divyansh, as I saw him evolving in different spheres of life. Doing his weekly Zenith Assignments, he has really improved his expressions and learnt to write them too. He loves to deliver speeches now and that too everything being written by himself. He has started realizing his mistakes and readily admits them too. He has walking on the path of becoming a better person.

Divyansh Sharma

Pooja Choudhary

Saanvi Choudhary

Saanvi has become more Expressive,  believes in  herself, is cool& calm,last but not the least a concerned and good human being.

Ajay Chadha

Prajwal Chadha

We came to know about Zenith from a leading newspaper. We thought it shall be another child personality development activity offered in summer vacation.

But as the year progressed we found a real change in Prajwal. His behavior became more sincere & he started respecting us more. We were amazed to see his EQ level jumping drastically. His leadership skills have also been brightened. He has become self disciplined. We hope he shall keep on progressing & make us proud one day.


We are really thankful to Ms.Gurleen and her team for their extraordinary effort & zeal with which they are working with these kids.

KUDOS to them

 Sapna Gupta


Zenith has made changes in Siddharth. Now he doesn’t lose his temper very easily. He is now calm. Now he gives me a hug daily & kisses me at bed time. He also shares his experience about school and friends later. He always used to argue with his father but now it has reduced remarkably.

Anjali Mehta

Khushi and Joy Mehta

First of all, I just want to say, “Thank you Zenith”.  The team has done a tremendous job. I am really happy to see my kids mature. They are now handling so many problems themselves. They have really improved in their relations with people around them. My kids never shared a good relation with each other, today I am so happy to see them stand side by side. Thank you so much Zenith for making our kids what they are today.

Rajesh Madan

Suryansh Madan

“He has become more positive, hardworking and confident. His attitude towards various aspects of life has remarkably improved. We have noticed a great change in his ability to express.

Meenakshi Nigam

Satyarth Nigam

Earlier he was so nervous about speaking in front of people, but after joining Zenith, he has become very confident, responsible and well managed. Thank you zenith for helping my child and even we have learnt about our child’s capabilities and potential.”

Namita Kalra

Jishnu Kalra

“He has improved a lot by being less irritating. He has also gained self control. He has been a confident boy but used to share less, now he shares more with us. He is polite with his cousins and us. He has more belief in him.

Shruti Gupta

Vidushi Gupta

I see a very positive change in my child. She looks more confident and focused. She looks cheerful and full of enthusiasm. Both of us are more understanding towards each other.

Pawan Singhal

Archit Singhal

I liked the training pattern, method and content. I see a new possibility of a better relationship and understanding of how to be a positive influence to my son.

Rhea Wadhwa

Aditya Wadhwa

I see a tremendous change in the way Aditya has discovered confidence in himself. I too enjoyed the program which made me learn a thing or two about him that I can imbibe in my own working.l. My son Aditya was very happy, charged up and bubbling with enthusiasm when he came back after the program. I obviously was happy to see him so happy. I feel the training has helped us to open us more with each other which was earlier missing. Thanks!!

Shivani Jain

Sambhav Jain

Zenith Leadership Program has added great value in my child’s life. I find him more expressive, confident, and hardworking. His way of thinking has also changed. Earlier he used to give up easily but now at least he tries to do things. He has become more disciplined and attempts to do his work today instead of leaving it for tomorrow. I find him getting close to both of us. He now shares his views with us and sometimes even helps me in taking the right decisions too. Actually Zenith has changed our lives too, it has taught us how to deal effectively with our child and understand him too. So I would really like to thank Zenith.

Manisha Gupta

Daksh Gupta

I saw a change in his behavior. He is much more confident. He was always good in studies, but now he is doing better in every field. Thanks for everything. Thanks Zenith.

Aarti Arora

Medha Arora

Medha has really changed a lot. She used to lose her temper on small things like arguing for her demands, complaining about her brother, but now, she tries to control her temper. She has also become self-dependent and now does her work without anybody’s help. All thanks to Zenith.

Mrs. Pratima

Arnav Bhardwaj

I can proudly say that this journey of 13 weeks was fruitful. The things I was looking for to improve my child have been achieved. He has become an improved personality, one who is more confident, tolerant and patient. I will definitely recommend this program to others as well.

Sonu Sibal

Bhavi Sibal

“I had enrolled Bhavi for ZENITH  because somewhere I felt that she lacked confidence to speak in front of a bigger group, speak in front of new people and speak away from her comfort zone. She has overcome this and looking at her now makes me feel proud”



Parth has become a responsible boy.He has promised to be more hard working. I am thankful to zenith for all the hard work they did for our children.

Mini Chautani

Nipun and Soumil Chautani

Zenith is amazing. It has created loads of transformation in my children. They are now full of confidence, great Zeal and power to face life full of competition.


Zenith has got my child on the peak of the world. This platform has given the magic to harness the inner hidden energy in them, to make them realize that they can do anything. My child has become positive, responsible and strong enough to face the world. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Devansh Bansal