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Skills for Life Foundation presents to you a powerful self analysis and empowerment tool in the guise of Comprehensive Persona Appraisal. This assessment tool assists to rediscover your personality and redefine your path. It furnishes the prospect to isolate your identity from the crowd and affirm your individuality in a new light altogether.


Comprehensive Persona Appraisal symbolises a forum to identify strengths and weaknesses and analyse the opportunities and threats that stem from them. The power of this tool lies in the fact that within minutes it can bring to the surface opportunities that would otherwise have taken a lifetime to decipher. On the other hand, by comprehending your weaknesses, you can control and thwart threats that would have jeopardised your potential to move forward or slackened the pace of your progress :

CPA provides you:

  • A mirror that genuinely reflects your stance on your journey to excellence and self development.

  • A medium to evaluate where you stand in the specific dimensions that lead to holistic and life skill excellence.

  • An invaluable tool of Self Evaluation rather than people evaluating you.



Comprehensive Persona Appraisal is an immensely powerful programme for Self Awareness, Self Assessment and Self Empowerment. Launched with a vision to highlight the importance of self evaluation at the right juncture in life, CPA is aimed at providing you an opportunity to evaluate yourself on skills which together form building blocks of any individual's personality.

CPA comprises of a set of multiple choice questions. These questions are based on your day to day life situations. Depending upon the response to these situations, a report will be generated which will clearly indicate your areas of strengths and areas of improvements.

Through CPA you gain insight to your personality with respect to the following domains: