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Harshika Shurana

Genesis Global School

 I am really happy to be a participant in today’s training session and I will make sure my presence makes a difference. Today I felt yes ‘I too have an importance in other’s life”.  I used to feel that I can’t do anything but now I don’t feel the same.


Reena Verma

Scottish High

It was an interesting session where we got a chance to self introspect ourselves and a journey to re-discover my own self. The program really made a difference.

Juhi Rana

British Council

Whatever I attended today I think will be there with me in my heart forever and after. It has boosted up my confidence and I now think that “I can make a difference” in the other’s life.

Muskan Jain

Pathways World School, Noida

I used to be a person who used try everything but give up easily, I tried to build on my Relationships but had no clue that how should I go about it, I wanted to perform well but couldn’t because of in-confidence in myself. Zenith sessions have given me the belief that I can do anything in the world. I got the clue to make my relationships better, after these sessions, I came more close to my Mom. I have become much more courageous & confident doing the Games and Activities here. I got even more confident.


Pathways World School, Gurgaon

I have learnt many lessons of life with Zenith but the most important one that I would never forget is I CAN do everything and I will never give up. I got to know myself better and I have improved my relationships. Now I know that if we keep trying, anything is possible. I am confident and brave. "

Divyanshu Patodia

Genesis Global School

I felt emotions that were inside me since a long time. I learnt to respect and care for everyone who has been playing any role in my life. Before this session I had never thought of other important people in my life like my driver, maid, etc., who were playing a major role in my life.

Nimai Jha

Scottish High

I have accomplished to be what I am and that it is never too late. This session, actually completely changed my life because all the things that we came to know today.

Prerak Gupta

Vishnupriya Das

I’ve learnt the importance of acknowledging and appreciating someone and also about myself and to deal with my problems and help myself. This program taught me the importance of my friends, parents and everyone present around us.

Yash Jain

Pathways World School, Noida

Earlier I was a person who didn’t have confidence to believe in myself. I didn’t have the courage to speak on stage & I used to shiver when expected to do so. When I used to play Football I did not want any other Team Member to pass the ball to me because I was not confident & sure that whether would I be able to Hit the Goal or not. But after doing the Zenith workshop I am confident about every goal in life, not just football and I have learnt to never cry on my failure.

Natasha Sehgal

Genesis Global School

From today’s training I learnt that I make a difference in other people’s lives as much as they do in mine. I learnt to be kind and empathetic and to spread the same and that we should make people happy and that every act of kindness makes a difference in peoples' lives.

Akanksha Dutt

Scottish High

I accomplish a new feeling for myself and for the people around me and I understood that they are the ones who define me. I am now clearer with my life. There were certain questions which got their answer today.

Radhika Aggarwal

British Council

I understood that every person is important in my circle. We should respect and care about each and everyone. This program taught me to have faith in ourselves and be confident, it made me understand that the people around us trust us and care about us. This helps me to believe in myself. The program made a difference in my personality and within myself. I can now admire myself for what I am and what I want to be. I learnt that I am important in other’s life.

Madhav Goel

Pathways World School, Noida

I didn’t know that uttering some words of acknowledgement can make so much of difference. Now I realize that after doing these sessions I have Confidence, I have understood the true meaning of Teamwork and have good Relationships with people. I never knew that just a few Activities, some Home Assignments and Games will make me a person who is Confident everywhere, can work better in Teams, knows the value of Teamwork and can build even better Relationships with people by the power of Acknowledgment.


Genesis Global School

I can just say that I got the answers for all my questions which were in my mind. I will be a totally changed person when I leave this room today will because of this session.

Aakash Agarwal

Scottish High

I learnt many things. Thus I have accomplished the ability to let someone know their purpose and what they have done for me. I have learnt to thank them for making a difference. I learnt the importance of acknowledging someone and that it could make someone’s day.

Priyanshi Gupta

British Council

I have learnt that every person who exists in our life is important. This session made a difference because during the session I felt positive and compelled me to think that we play an important role in a person’s life.


Pathways World School, Noida

Earlier I had no Belief in myself, my Relationships were weak because I couldn’t Communicate & express myself well ,I wasn’t courageous and I wasn’t considered an important person. After the Zenith program, I realized that I always had the courage but I didn’t know that. I always thought that I will never be seen as an important person but now after these workshops I feel incredibly surprised because I came to know that if I tried I can do anything. I have everything now with me to be successful in life and I AM ZENITH!


Pathways World School, Gurgaon

Earlier I was so scared to handle conflicts or face harsh comments. Thanks Zenith, I communicate a lot better now with everyone. I would now never think about myself as an ordinary person. Being positive while following rules of life would be fun now, I can trust myself & others, listen to the unsaid & always be Zenith in my life. I have realized the love of my family members. I have understood that what I thought as boring lectures & scolding were actually my Parents desire to see me successful because they care for me. I promise to continue this better change, achieve my dreams and touch the stars. "

Warawuth Khan

Genesis Global School

It was a wonderful session. I learnt a lot of things today. This session made a difference. I no more feel that life is the same. I find everything different and pleasant.


I’ve learnt how to deal with my problems. This session has clearly made a difference in my life because I got to know the importance of ‘I’ and how does this “I” make a difference.

Scottish High


I have learnt that it is our being which brings about a change in our lives. Having a positive being you can create a charismatic personality. I realized that we should be good to others and should always see the problem from all aspects in order to solve the problem. This would now help me in solving my problems.

British Council

Nikhil Joshi

Pathways World School, Noida

I have taken a great Leap from Ground to Sky in these days at Zenith. I have now become more close to my parents and Friends. Earlier I was really bad in relationships but now I have started to make Sacrifices and I have started to adjust with my Family and Friends. People thought I was confident & a good speaker but I used to be very shy and used to shiver on Stage and Gobble up words, now speaking on Stage is fun. I especially liked the Games Block and Tackle and Squeeze the Sponge, didn’t know that playing Games could also make someone a better person. I feel that I have touched the Zenith.

Shreshtha Jolly

I feel like a changed person now. I have broken the chain of being a negative thinker and now I contribute in others lives and feel I am the best. "Before joining Zenith, I was a shy person who was timid & never participated in activities even in camps etc. I never cared about my family, cribbed all the time & never follow anyone’s advice, I do not know how but I see a complete change in my inner self. Now I would be a person who is confident, happy & can make a difference in this world.

Pathways World School, Gurgaon

Supriya Galav

Genesis Global School

Today I have understood how to understand the feelings of the people around me and not always believe I am right. I learnt that if I would be kind, helpful to others, I shall expect the same.


Scottish High

I have today learnt about myself. I have discovered the talents inside me and have introspected on the question that how I can make a difference in the lives of people around me. Something that really touched me was how I’m nothing without my parents, friends, family and school.

Prabhleen Channa

British Council

I think today I am completely a transformed individual. I have realized the value of the people around me and so today I’m going to tell everyone what they mean to me. This session has transformed my perspective and the way I look at life.

Raghav Goel

Pathways World School, Noida

Earlier I never had the courage to ask for something even if the people whom I needed help from were just next to me. While working in a Team I used to give importance to a selected few and used to speak very fast. Today I am a confident person with better communication, my Relationships have thickened and I believe in giving chances to people. The assignments, sharing and games have made me a person who is confident, can communicate well and maintain strong Relationships. Whatever in life may come now I will never give up!


Genesis Global School

Today I learnt that I make a difference in my life and to the people around me. Today’s session is going to stay with me forever. This session made a difference in my life because it made me realize that I’m unique and I really appreciate it.


Scottish High

Today I realized that even though I might sometimes feel that I am not able to do something, it is totally up to me what I am going to do with my abilities.

Pooja Sharma

British Council

I accomplished from my participation in today’s training session that I am nothing without my friends, family. They make me the “I” otherwise who am I without them. I learnt about acknowledgement. Today I understood who I really am.