Endless research and surveys suggest that 20 years of our education system grossly falls short due to which out students lack crucial Life Management skills like Observation, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Conflict Management, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills and overall Leadership.


Lack of Self expression, being discontent and unhappy , looking confused with respect to Relationships, Social Media and future is becoming a trait in most of our youth today.


Even Global education pioneers like Harvard University have realised that “In the absence of training Youth with Life survival Skills, we are ironically creating clones where as the 21st century demands us to create ace divergent Thinkers & further Global Citizens”



Zenith School of Leadership offers a strategic intervention, an “Out of the Box” Leadership and Life Management Skills Training experience that helps then ‘Think Anew’ and master the

New Age Survival Skills : Analysis - Adaptability - Collaboration - Innovation


A Training program to Think Beyond, Take Initiative, Explore, Experiment, Fail, Succeed, practice to deliver results with Optimism and Ownership. Welcome agile to the novel need of the hour and mould into a self-driven and admired individual who exhibits Leadership in action.