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"Creating Inspirations out of Individuals"

Zenith School of Leadership offers a strategic intervention training program  that facilitates Professionals to break through the inertia of the past and 'Think Anew' by mastering the New age Corporate Skills - Analysis, Intrapreneurship, Adaptability and Collaboration.

Zenith School of Leadership has been relentlessly working since 2009, to help individuals discover their true potential and Ignite passion@workplace. Our years of repertoire and experience has proven that if individuals are equipped with Leadership skills, Communication & Emotional Intelligence with right training and mentoring, individuals rise and prove to be high performing assets to the Organization.

ZSL helps Organizations with it’s expertise in designing programs that assist Individuals in harnessing their innate talents in amalgamation with developing new skill set to help individual navigate their professional and personal life with Accountability and Ownership!


As per research indicates that Social and Emotional Intelligence is one of the most
Empowering asset of an Individual. In terms of job performance,
EQ is canvassed to be more crucial a skill than IQ.
Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence can be cultivated and augmented with the right maneuvering and practice.    


  • Communication Intelligence techniques, maneuvered research, presentation and articulation skills.

  • Critical thinking techniques to handle demanding situations with analysis, innovation and rationale.

  • Avant - Garde Collaborative and Networking skills

  • Ingenious perspective to accord and build functional symbiotic relationships.

  • Ability to analyze one's Emotional blocks, Attitudinal obstacles, core Intrinsic Strengths & weaknesses.

  • Techniques to identify & negate limiting belief patterns & replace them with Empowering beliefs.

  • Acquaint with the serendipitous possibilities that Adaptability and positive deception presents at workplace and personal life.

  • Power of cognizant Intrapreneurship and Initiative to be valued and admired in any work environment.

  • Techniques for constant Self Assessment & Introspection.


  • Constructive Attitude

  • Presentation & Public Speaking

  • Creative & Critical Thinking

  • Accountability

  • Time Management

  • Creative Leadership

  • Conflict Management 

  • Self Credence

  • Organizational Skills 

  • Communication Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Collaborative Skills


Leadership & Personal Empowerment 

Psychometric Evaluation, 
Mind Mapping

Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

Team Building & Leadership Activities     

Communication Intelligence

 Public Speaking & Presentation 

Personal Mentoring & Coaching

Emotional Intelligence Activity  

Directive Communication 

Audio Visuals 

Role Plays

Case Histories