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Leadership Training for Teenagers & young adults

Gurleen Kaur - Skills for Life Foundation

About Skills for Life Foundation

Established in the year 2009 by Gurleen Kaur, Skills for Life Foundation is an International Model for Leadership & Life Skills education for students and young people entering the workspace.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the academic education and the real world Skills needed in the 21st century.

In the past 12 years, each one of our alumni across the world has been a sought after student in a school, for admission in a university or at the time of entering in the corporate world.

Our students have truly exemplified Confidence, Self-Awareness, Critical & Creative Thinking, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Relationships, Time Management, Decision Making and Problem Solving skills in their personal and professional lives. 

We are on a mission to impact 1 MILLION youth through Leadership & Life Skills training.

If you are a parent, educator or someone who believes in the Vision of causing an attitudinal and mindset transformation in the youth to become a positive contributor to the world, join the movement with Skills for Life Foundation.

What Role Models said about SFLF

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Former President, India

In a meeting with Zenith students, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam inspired them to think big and continue building strong character in life. 'Zenith 5Q Leadership Mastery' curriculum was launched by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in January 2011.



Dr. Kiran Bedi

India's first woman IPS Officer, Magasaysay Award winner 

“Students at Skills for Life foundation are taking a very big gift for their lives in the form of this education and becoming better human beings. Schools like Zenith are rare and they are laying a strong foundation for children's life.


Mr. Manish Sisodia

I am mighty impressed with the incredible students at Skills for Life Foundation. I loved the confidence, clarity and vision they have at this age.

I applaud Skills for Life Foundation for the great work!" 




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What Participants say ...

Akanxa Swami

Ashoka University

The Personal Intelligence program helped me achieve a lot. Every module gave me a new insight into my strengths and my weaknesses. I saw myself becoming more productive, resilient and expressive over time. Neither it is tedious or theoretical nor too time-consuming. Being a university student, I have learnt the real-world skills which will help me wherever I go in life.

Siddhant Choudhary

Lotus Valley International

At the start of this training, I didn’t know my own capabilities, my strengths or my weaknesses. I was irresponsible, and not sure of myself and my proficiencies. Now, I have become responsible for what I say and do. I have become sure of myself and I have started seeing the good in the worst of the situations and learnt the miraculous word- Gratitude. I am proud of myself today.

Saira Singh

Heritage School

I was surprised to realize that this course has not only changed the way I felt about myself but also changed the way people perceive me. I realized that sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone. I now think out of the box and strive to be the 1% of the people who think, act and do things differently. I am now an improved version of myself, someone who can see things from a different perspective, work out of my comfort zone, go that extra mile and prove to the world, who I really am- I AM ZENITH!!

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What Parents say ...


Sunil Pahwa

Our society today needs education that transforms. Zenith is doing a wonderful job to fill this vacuum and their contributions are highly respectable. We have experienced significant growth in the way our son has worked on his weak areas. We see more positive and optimistic changes in Dev. This program is helping to create real leaders, I thank them for inculcating the necessary values.

Seema Swami

Zenith Leadership Program has added many colors to my daughter’s life. These are the colors that depict more confidence, more expressiveness and strong personality. Before joining this program, Eeshaja always said she wanted to live a happy life not a perfect life. With Zenith, she realized how she can achieve this happy life in reality.

Deepak Bhutani

I have definitely seen a change in him as he has become more confident, responsible, disciplined, caring, started being in gratitude and has started taking control of his life. Thank you Zenith!

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CEO Insights Cover story 

In the December 2019 Edition, Gurleen Kaur featured as India's Best Life Coach to Adolescents & young adults. 


Presentation to Mr Manish Sisodia, Education Minister, Delhi by Zenith alumni to propagate Leadership & Life Skills education in the education system.


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is known to launch many satellites in space, we will remember him to launch Skills for Life Foundation's flagship curriculum 'Zenith 5Q Leadership Mastery' program.


Over the years Skills for Life Foundation has been recognized at various platforms for the incredible contribution in the field of Personal Development education to our new generation.

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Gurleen Kaur

Founder, Skills for Life Foundation

Dr. David Lincoln

Master Trainer, ANLP India


Dr. Doris Greenwood

Master Trainer, Emotional Intelligence

Aafreen Kaur

Global Youth Ambassador, Skills for Life Foundation


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